Irene Alvarez Coto (Asturias, 1984).

Since a child, dance is part of my life. At first it was classical ballet and as I grew up I got interested in many different movement forms. In a nomad lifestyle I combine my passion for Dance and the labour as physiotherapist.  So, I travel in Europe, but also Cuba, India, diving into the Contemporary Dance Art, Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Butoh. I also trained Flamenco, African Dance, Acroyoga, Dance in Tissues, Martial Arts, Thai Massage.

I love to explore dance in nature and urban spaces, and the most of all, I love to co-create with artists from different disciplines. I feel very proud to work with such amazing artists as Marina Oural Villapol (MOV) (Poetry & Movement), Xuan Alyfe, Luis Fernandes (Kiss Me Lisbon DanceFilm), Des Nomades (Änima – Site Specific), Pedro Paz (…de Corpo Inteiro, Mandala Crew), Imprevisto Colectivo, among others. I also worked with the choreographers Karel Neninger (Das Tempo Company, 2011) and Lázaro Batista (La Habana, 2012). In 2015,  I get involved in the artistic residency Play Practice in Bangalore, coordinated by Abilash Ningappa, and in the European Project “Symbols” (Dundee). From there, Dark In Vivo, a performance for dance & music in live is born and gets a residency in 2016 in the ‘Factoría Cultural’ in Avilés. Now, “Juana de Ibarbourou_Inspiracions“, a multidisciplinary performance of poetry, dance and live music, directed by MOV was premiered in Ribadeo in June 2017 and which is already projecting its national and international tour.

Involved in the practice and community of Contact Improvisation, I share my experience facilitating and participating in different meetings wherever I go. Together with other CI dancers, we have developed “Contact Impro Sintra” in 2014, “Asturias Contact Festival” since 2015. As a teacher I’ve participated in the Festival “Cercanías” in Cantabria, Paris CI Gathering 2017, Apoteosico in Cádiz among other events.

In 2016 I got envolved in “La Xata La Rifa Festival” scenic laboratory as producer, and also, finding place to stage the Contact Improvisation within the Industrial Musical that is generated.

Currently I have my base in Zahora (Cádiz), delightfull place where to inspire myself and continue developing the infinite movement of the Dance_Life.



Classical Dance: Myrian Chamorro.
Contemporary Dance: Fernando Hurtado, Mª Ángeles Padilla, Laura Cueto, 
Mónica Cofiño, Carmen Werner, Erre que Erre, Megaló Teatro Móvil, 
Bebeto Cidra, Cecilia Colacrai, Iris Heitzinger. Cesc Gelabert, 
Juan Kruz, from Sasha Waltz, Karel Neninger, Tomas Guilarte & George 
Céspedes from Danza Contemporanea Cuba, Susana Pouss, DanzAbierta, 
Rosario Cárdenas, Retazos Dance Theatre, Daniel Abreu, Pau Arán
Contact Improvisation: Olaf Kehler, Mirva Makinen, Bernd Knappe, 
Cristiane Boullosa, Daniela Swchartz, Eckard Muller, Linda Bufali, 
Asaf Bachrach, Angela Doni, Otto Akanen, and many other masters 
and dancers I’ve found on the dance floor 
Dance Butoh: Miguel Nariz Roja, Rhea Volij, Lorna Lawrie, 
Rosana Barra, Rasjid César, Marlene Joebstl, Atsusi Takenouchi, 
Jonhatan Martineau, Sara Pons.
Flamenco: Charo Cruz, Mónica Núñez
Yoga: Verónica, Mercedes Palacio, Miguel, Namrata Sudhindra, 
B.S.K. Iyengar.
Martial Arts: José Luís Monforte (Tai-Chi Chuan), Guillerme Luz (Kung Fu), 
Ajeesh Katta (Kalari Payattu)
African Dance: Moudone Sall

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